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Vous etes ici. Accueil » Manuel d'instructions pour moteurs VOLVO PENTA D2-40, D2-55 et D2-75 en version EVC. Manuel d'instructions pour moteurs VOLVO PENTA D2-40, D2-55 et D2-75 en version EVC. Telecharger les documents : 7745941-VOLVO-PENTA-DB-MOTEURS-DBMOTEURS.pdf · Contactez-nous.
General instructions. Safety information. Introduction. The workshop manual contains technical data, de- scriptions and repair instructions for products or prod- uct versions noted in the table of contents, supplied by Volvo Penta. Make sure you use the correct work- shop literature. Read the available safety information,
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done by an authorised Volvo Penta service work- shop. Z\ WARNING! Working or coming close to a running engine is a safety risk. Watch out for rotating machinery and hot surfaces. The idling speed should be 850 + 25 rpm. If necessary, the idling speed can be adjusted. Adjustment should be done when the engine is hot,
D2-55. 44. Volvo Penta Marine Diesel Engines 2000-22 & D2 Series, 2001/2002. Rating 40,5kW(55Hp). General. Number of cylinders. No of valves. Displacement, total litres in3. Firing order. Rotational direction, viewed from the front. Bore mm in. Stroke mm in. Compression ratio. Compression pressure at 250 rpm. MPa.
marine engines, the Volvo Penta name has become a symbol of reliability, technical in- novation, top of the range performance and long service life. We also believe that this is what you demand and expect of your Volvo Penta engine. We would like you to read this operator's manual thoroughly and consider the advice.
Volvo - Specifications, photographs, dimensions, weights, ratings, manuals, datasheets and drawings. Covers current and discontinued models.
Chris Craft 350 & 454. (See pages 16-17, 32-34). Model R991. Yamaha. (See pages 24-25). Model G9901. OMC/Volvo 4.3-8.2. (See pages 22-25, 32-34). Model G9903. Volvo/OMC 3.0-8.2. (See pages 22-25, 32-34). Model D55, D60, D65, D75. Chrysler M225-M440. (See pages 18-19). Model N10360GX. Chris Craft 283.
Engine. Cylinder Head · D2-55, D2-55B, D2-55C, D2-55D, D2-55E · Cylinder Head. D2-55F · Cylinder Block and Flywheel Housing · D2-55, D2-55B, D2-55C, D2-55D, D2-55E · Cylinder Block and Flywheel Housing. D2-55F · Timing Gear Housing · D2-55, D2-55B, D2-55C, D2-55D, D2-55E · Timing Gear Housing. D2-55F
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