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Distributed Summarizing is an exemplary practice that moves students toward acquisition of instruction to check for understanding using a summarizing strategy or prompt before moving forward with the lesson. write, discuss, summarize, or solve a problem related question or a study guide question related to the.
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Nov 19, 2012 Write the lesson's essential question; Ask yourself, “What must prompts and distributive summarization). 4. Distributed Guided Practice or.
Ask them to write a detail or descriptor with which they are already familiar that starts with each of the Distributed Guided Practice/Summarizing Prompts:.
students have a guide to the text structure, their comprehension (write the definition). What is it .. Distributed Guided Practice/Summarizing Prompts: (Prompts.
Distributed Guided Practice/Summarizing Prompts: (prompts designed to Initiate In science journals, have students draw a diagram and write to explain the
$2 Summaries. With each word worth 10 cents, write a $2 summary of the learning from the Ask students to go back to the anticipation guide from the beginning of the lesson and Each student begins the answer to a question or prompt posed by the teacher. Then after 1 or While this is a teaching/reading strategy, the
•How do you use distributed summarizing? How do you To rehearse and practice skills. To rehearse Distributed Guided Practice or. Distributed Be connected to assessments prompts- Write a letter to the absent student answering the.
The student responses to a summarizing strategy or prompt give teachers an instant snapshot of who's Summarizing periodically throughout a lesson (distributed summarizing) breaks up the Guide. Vanity Tag. Key Points Summary. Quick Writes. Written conversations. Think-Write-Share. SQ3R Sample Test Questions.
  Practice. Distributed Summarizing Writing Prompts. III. Authentic Teaching Strategies. • Collaborative Pairs. • Distributed Guided. • Practice. • Graphic