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18 Jun 2005 Hi, I'm leveling a mind sato, currently it's a lvl.49 Mitra (5/0/22/22). I'm following the PSOworld mind sato guide, but there's somethings i don't understand. I'm in step 3, it says that i have to give my Mitra to a FOrce with GREENIL, BLUE ,PINK ,ORAN or WHITILL ID, and it will evolve to Ila. But then in step 4 it's
Sato Mag, Sato, ??????/???. Evolution Device / Sato, Ragol Memory Shop PSO2 Premium Package, Check Mark Icon. Sonichi Mag, Sonichi, ??????/???. Evolution Device / Sonichi, Sympathy 2013 Concert Ragol Memory Shop, Untradeable Icon. Pushan Mag, Pushan, ??????/?????. Evolution
This Sato will have 5 Defense, 50 Power, 45 Dex, and 0 Mind at level 100; with photon blasts Estlla, Pilla, and Mylla & Youlla. Step 1. Make a GREENNILL, BLUEFULL, PINKAL, ORAN, or WHITILL Ranger. The color of sato will be the same color as the baby mag, so use the mag color guide. This ranger needs to feed the
29 May 2003 I used a different format for this guide Its easier on my eyes and I think it looks nice. NOTE: I started with a RAcast Skly check psow guides to see if your RA applies. Otherwise before every evolution (10,25,35) this RANGER evolves the mag. Mag -> Kalki feed Monofluids Stats 5/0/0/5 Kalki -> Mitra feed
Introduction to Auracom's Sato Mind Mag Guide. Photon Blast. I started with a RAcast Skly check PSOW guides to see if your RA applies. Otherwise before every evolution (10,25,35) this RANGER evolves the mag. Step 1. Mag -> Kalki feed Monofluids. Stats 5/0/0/5. Step 2. Kalki -> Mitra feed Antiparalysis. Stats 5/0/19/11.
21 Dec 2010
Haven't played PSO in forever. I'm playing a HUcast right now but haven't fed my mag yet because I don't want to just wing it this time around. I've only found one guide that tells me exactly what to feed my mag, and that's a Rati guide on pso-w. Is Rati what I want to be shooting for as a HUcast or are there

Sato Sato ??? is a fourth evolution MAG in Phantasy Star Online. Fourth evolution MAGs are only
Guide's Like The One On The Faq's Section Tell How To Make One But I really dont understand DEF + DEX = POW + MIND And Can You Make It On A Male Force Or Do You Really Have To Make It On A Girl Force? User Info: xXFlareBladeXx. xXFlareBladeXx - 8 years ago. Additional Details: Like DEF and DEX amd POW