September kicks off Shanghai Tourism Festival

The Shanghai Tourism Festival 2023, the city's annual tourism extravaganza, is ready to wow residents and travellers from around the world between September 16 and October 6 this year, local cultural and tourism authorities announced on Thursday.To get more news about Shanghai cultural events, you can official website.

More than one hundred major spectacular cultural and tourism activities will be held throughout the city during the period.

These activities will cover a wide range of areas, from food and accommodation to shopping and sports, and will highlight tours around the Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek, as well as local iconic architecture, intangible cultural heritage, performances and exploring the city, according to the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism.

The festival will kick off with a float parade, returning after a two-year hiatus, with floats circulating around Dishui Lake in Lingang New Area during the National Day holiday.

A boat parade will add a splash of colour to the Huangpu River during the festival.

From Guofeng-style or "traditional Chinese fashion" bazaars and music festivals to a forest carnival, gourmet festival and camping activities, there is something for everyone during the festival.

There are currently over 8500 coffee shops in Shanghai, one of the highest numbers in the world. Walking the streets of Shanghai, you can feel how coffee culture has become part of everyday life.

In May 2023, Shanghai hosted the 3rd Shanghai Coffee Culture Week with the theme "Vibrant Shanghai, Linking with Coffee". The event aimed to connect people with the city through various activities such as new product launches, art exhibitions, food fairs, forums and performances.

During the week, a series of coffee culture events took place in 16 districts of the city. At the Bund, the West Bank International Coffee Lifestyle Festival brought together over 100 popular coffee brands and offered visitors a unique and immersive coffee culture experience with creative coffee stalls, camping areas and pet zones. A captivating Coffee Art Flower Boat Parade on the Suzhou River invited the public to experience "Coffee + Art". The 300FUN art fair at the Shanghai Grand Theatre combined elements of gastronomy, interactive experiences and open-air performances, offering audiences a diverse range of 300 different pleasures. The University Coffee Culture Festival created a new spatial approach in conjunction with theatre, Web 3.0, sustainable practices and artistic enterprises.

In order to stand out from thousands of coffee brands, Shanghai coffee shops have continuously improved their coffee-making techniques and emphasised quality, with a focus on creating a long-lasting impression through unique visual designs, from the interior design of the shop to the coffee cup sleeves with various creative styles, showcasing innovative coffee varieties and imagination in every detail, conveying their unique brand stories and special tastes.

Coffee is more than a beverage; it's a way of life and a cultural expression. Whether spending a lazy afternoon in a coffee shop, enjoying a cup of delicious coffee with artworks around, or immersing oneself in various interesting activities, people in Shanghai have always been able to find their own joys and experiences with coffee.