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Suprunov Design Yak-40 for FS9 (Native) and FSX. Once payware from the late Igor Suprunov, is now available as a freeware file at A FSX port-over version is currently in progress by Andrey Vinogradov. Work in progress - currently at v4.2 follow progress at: Як-40 для FSX
5 Mar 2014 I was checking on and saw that 4 days ago a new version (portover) of Igor Suprunov's Yak-40 has been uploaded. I have run a number of test flights with it and it is magnificent! You can get it here: Screens of my testing: 50835084508550865087.
Is there any way how to transfer my flight plans from v.3 to v.4? And is there a way to backup these backup of pln files saves about 5% of manual work. For Il-62 navigation I need in NCalc I do not have time to play around. I am fine with PT TU-154, Il-62 and "kerosine through-flow heater", Yak-40 from Suprunov Design.
Версия того самого як-40 для FS-9, который продавался от студии Suprunov Design, переработана для MFSX Перед установкой ВНИМАТЕЛЬНО прочитать Manual-Yak-40, Yak-40.txt, обсуждение вяк-40-для-fsx/. > Size: 179 MB. > Date: 3 years ago (25.03.2014 17:03).
9 Sep 2015 Auto-install : Installer version 8. Author : Igor Suprunov (Suprunov Design) FSX pack by Andrey Vinogradov. Download For FSX SP2 & FSX-Steam Port-Over FS2004 (no DXT12) no P3Dv4 +3D Virtual Cockpit. An exceptional add-on of incredible quality in high definition, discover the Yakovlev Yak-40 in this
In fact the design of the DO27X manuals is to facilitate printing, if needed. But why should it be needed? . It's what keeps me away from the fantastic Suprunov Yak-40 - I don't fly it often enough to be familiar with it, which in turn keeps me from flying it often enough to become familiar. I'm a big fan of 50's and 60's turboprops
Legendary Aircraft. Just Flight. Exp. for FS. Review. 6/20. Private Pilot. Abacus. Exp. for FS/ FS 2002. Review. 6/28. Airliner Series 757-200. Precision Manuals . Review. 49/22. Carenado's Beechcraft Mentor. T-34B. Carenado. Exp for FS2004/FSX. Review. 49/24. Suprunov Design Yakovlev Yak-. 40. Suprunov Design.
Appeal Igor Suprunova, creator of virtual YAK-40 from Suprunov Design, to simmeram. In general, Igor created cool YAK-40 for simmerov. For that he has great personal thanks.:) > Size: 216 KB. > Date: 8 years ago (20.09.2009 17:22). > Author: Suprunov Design. > Approved by moderator: Denizzz. > License:
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