But this isn't only a Madden NFL 24 problem Madden nfl 24 Coins. The NCAA is a non-profit organization that claims status for its efforts to assist student-athletes as well as their families, made $871.6 million in 2012 and is now making record-breaking expenditures on lobbying to prevent those athletes from getting the funds. Even foot races with a small number of participants that deal with enormous sums of money, make extravagant trips , and pay organizers a hefty sum have claimed nonprofit status.

It's time to end the façade.

Tax-exempt status is intended to be provided to organizations that are more than making money, especially ones that are trying to help the public with their mission. Even without mentioning the recent instances, Madden NFL 24 has proven that it is solely focused on making a profit and benefiting itself and its teams, as USA Today pointed out:

"If there's a rationale of tax exempting business leagues, it will be their public interest of helping commerce to all people within the broad spectrum of a type of business or business general" claimed (Philip) Hackney, one of the LSU legal professor, who had previously worked as an IRS attorney who argued tax-exempt organization issues. "Commerce is important for our country and we should be encouraging those involved in the field in a public manner. These (sports) organisations according to me, are not public-minded in their profits Madden 24 Coins Buy. They are focused on the profits that their teams make."