Mevea has delivered Digital Twins and Training Simulators to Siemens

Mevea has delivered digital twins, simulation software and training simulators to Siemens. Siemens integrates these solutions within its open and modular SIMOCRANE Remote Control Systems (RCOS) for remote control of all relevant crane types like STS, Cantilever ARMG, end loading ASC and RTG. The digital twins are used in crane automation, software testing & development as well as operator training.Get more news about siemens used mounter wholesale prices,you can vist our website!

According to Douwe Wagenaar, Manager Remote Control of Siemens´ cranes department, “this Mevea simulation technology fits to our open and modular crane automation approach where we integrate solutions that add value. We use Mevea´s technology with 100% digital twins for software development, testing and training, so Siemens can deliver a fast go-live and productivity ramp up in automated terminals”.

This Mevea-Siemens integrated solution is demonstrated at TOC Europe 2023 in the remote-control station of an STS crane.

“We are proud to work with Siemens and assist in the crane automation development and operator training”, said Raimo Nikkilä, Mevea’s Sales and Marketing Director.

Mevea’s simulators are based on unique physics-based Digital Twin technology. The technology provides both the accuracy and the functionality needed in assistive & autonomous system development and advanced training capabilities needed in operator training.