Madden 24 coins : Beginner’s Guide For Superstar

The beauty of sports games is allowing you to live out the fantasy of 'what if I were a professional athlete?' Madden 24’s Superstar mode puts you in the cleats of a custom player as you blaze a path in the NFL and create a legacy of your own.Although you’re restricted to five positions, Superstar mode has many ways for you to customize your player to accommodate your desired play style. If you're looking to make a name for yourself in the NFL, we break down the essential details of how you can be successful in Superstar.

Creating Your Superstar:Choosing your Superstar position is the most important decision you’ll need to make. There are a total of five positions: Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Linebacker, and Cornerback.

While receivers might be some of the most exciting players in the NFL, it’s the most difficult offensive position to control. As a receiver, you’ll need to shake free of your defender and use the proper catch style to secure passes.For a more traditional style of Madden, you should select Quarterback.As the signal caller, you can choose the plays and ultimately operate the offense. However, once you pass the ball or hand it off, you won’t be able to control the offensive player.

After you’ve picked your position, you’ll need to adjust your body metrics. By adjusting your height and weight, you can change what type of player you are.Once you’ve finished creating your Superstar, it’s time to begin your NFL journey in The League. You can also compete against other Superstars in Showdown and earn exclusive rewards and accelerated XP bonuses in this mode.

Entering The League:Before you officially start your NFL journey, you do have the option to choose which team you want to play for, but we recommend letting the game send you to a team based on your draft stock.

After listening to the Madden analysts break down your Superstar, it’s time for the NFL Combine. Most of the drills will be the same for every position, but the final drill will be specific to your position.The game will have a range of where it expects you to finish, impacting your draft standing.

After you complete the Combine drills, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the Combine interview.This is optional, but answering the questions correctly can positively impact your draft stock. However, answering incorrectly will negatively impact your draft stock.

Upgrade Your Superstar:Following the Combine, you’ll earn your first set of rewards. Use the Skill Points to upgrade your Superstar.When you select the category you want to upgrade, you’ll see how that will impact your overall rating and can use that to decide how to upgrade your player.

As your Superstar continues to improve, you will unlock five other ability slots that range from Bronze to Gold. You will also have two Showdown Ability slots that can be unlocked by competing in Showdown, but these abilities only impact your Superstar in Showdown.

Similar to the Field Pass in Ultimate Team, Superstar mode has the Level Path that shows you what rewards you will unlock as you earn XP throughout the game mode. Rewards consist of Skill Points, Ability Slots, and madden 24 coins cheap attribute boosts.Once you’re drafted, you’ll sign your NFL contract. The contract value impacts how much CRED and XP you will receive after each game. XP is used to upgrade your Superstar, and CRED lets you customize the appearance of them.