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DrayTek's Web Content Filtering can be applied to any device capable of accessing the Internet, such as Smart TVs, Tablets and Mobile Phones, which may not otherwise have filtering solutions available. Blocking/filtering can be selective for certain computers, users or groups too, so that, for example, managers can have
DrayTek Vigor 3900, Vigor 2960, Vigor 2925n and other DrayTek models including the small Vigor2912 support Web Content Filtering. Managed service providers, system integrators, contracted network administrators can really add value to the router installation using this feature and generate an additional revenue
For the Service Activation Wizard is only available for admin operation, therefore, please type “admin/admin” on Username/Password while Logging into the web configurator. Note: Be aware that Web Content Filter (WCF) is not a built-in service of Vigor router, but a service powered by Commtouch. If you want to use such
We may use URL Content Filter to block a specific website; however, if we want to block all the social networking websites, Web Content Filter (WCF) is an For the older Vigor Router which does not support DNS Filter profile, please just edit the DNS Filter on CSM >> DNS Filter page, and note that it will apply to all the
To use the GlobalView service a licence has to be enabled on the Web Content Filter; the steps for this process are explained in a separate FAQ. This guide explains how configured the router to apply a Web Content Filter profile that will affect all users on the network. The GlobalView central database is continuously
The Commtouch's GlobalView URL Filtering solution leverages its unique "in the cloud" infrastructure to provide unprecedented breadth of web coverage. The solution localizes responses specifically to the needs of end-customers, avoiding the "one size fits all" approach of traditional solutions. With nearly two decades in
In this example, access to Facebook will be blocked using the Web Content Filter, which will block HTTP access, then the DNS Filter will be used to apply the Web Content Filter for HTTPS or non-HTTP traffic. Please note that the router must have an active GlobalView Web Content Filter license to use the Web Content
not be covered by the warranty. We reserve the right to revise the manual and online documentation and to make changes from time to time in the contents hereof without obligation to notify any person of such revision or changes. Be a Registered. Owner. Web registration is preferred. You can register your Vigor router via.
There are many kinds of benefits of Web Content Filtering, such as productivity enhancement, bandwidth regulation, HR policy compliance, and preventing web threats. Plus, with the pre-categorized items, IT staff can save plenty of time from creating firewall rules for unwanted contents. In the following example, we assume
19 May 2011