BYD at Auto Shanghai 2023 with several new models

BYD, the world's leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles, will showcase its full range of vehicles at Auto Shanghai 2023, bringing a number of new models to the show, including the B-class pure electric SUV, the Song L concept car under the BYD Dynasty series, the BYD Seagull* and BYD Chaser 07* under the BYD Ocean series. Yangwang, BYD's premium sub-brand, will showcase the U8 SUV and the U9 supercar, as well as the Yangwang architecture at the event, and launch the pre-sale of two variants of the U8 model, starting from RMB 1,098,000. Denza, BYD's other high-end sub-brand, will showcase the Denza N7 and the Denza D9 PREMIER (first edition with four seats) for the first time, among other models.To get more latest news in shanghai, you can visit official website.

The Yangwang U8 is positioned as a million-level high-end new energy hardcore off-road SUV equipped with two full-stack in-house developed core technologies: the e4 Platform and the BYD DiSus-P Intelligent Hydraulic Body Control System, boasting excellent off-road capability and state-of-the-art technology. Powered by the e4 platform, the Yangwang U8 has a maximum output of over 1100 horsepower and can reach 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds. It can operate stably under extreme conditions, float on water and streams, make a 360-degree tank turn and has agile steering. The Yangwang U8 Premium Edition is the ultimate off-road vehicle, highlighting its luxury and intelligence. Designed specifically for off-road enthusiasts, the Yangwang U8 Off-road Master Edition offers even greater off-road capability and is the ideal choice for experienced adventurers.

In addition to the pre-sale of the Yangwang U8, the Yangwang U9 will also be officially unveiled at the launch event. Yangwang has adopted the design language of the Time Gate, which passionately expresses energy, technology, speed and aesthetics, and brings out the brand's unique visual identity.
Yangwang Architecture will also be unveiled at the event. Designed exclusively for premium NEVs, Yangwang Architecture is composed of six of BYD's core technologies, including the e4 Platform, DiSus Intelligent Body Control System, Blade Battery, Master Body, Smart Cockpit and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The Yangwang architecture is powerful, limitless and evolvable to cover off-road, city streets, race tracks and many other operating scenarios. Yangwang U8 and U9 are the first two models based on Yangwang Architecture.

The Song L concept car from the BYD Dynasty series makes its global debut. As the new high-end B-class pure electric SUV of the series, the model is developed with the concept of avant-garde, sport and technology. Song L has adopted the new generation design language of EV SPORT DRAGON and integrated BYD's breakthrough technology for younger customers who enjoy fashion and sports.

Two new models from BYD's ocean series, BYD Seagull and BYD Chaser 07, will also be unveiled at the event. Equipped with BYD's latest technologies, BYD Seagull is a new model introduced for a wider market, with a pre-sale price ranging from 78,800 to 95,800 RMB. This model is designed with unique marine aesthetics, and its exterior appearance exudes vibrant energy and liveliness. The vehicle assures customers of all-dimensional safety as it is built with the Blade Battery and on the e Platform 3.0.