How the Bonanza Megaways slot game grew

At the dawn of the online casino era, the Bonanza Megaways phenomenon arrived to hit an unsuspecting audience with the full force of a California gold rush. To get more news about 바카라, you can visit official website.

After its launch in 2016, the game quickly gained recognition from the casino playing community - and from there it began to spread to the general playing public. Soon it seemed that nobody played anything but Bonanza.
Bonanza Megaways was the creation of an Australian design team. At the time, Big Time Gaming (BTG) was little known - it is now world renowned in the industry for its unique and innovative slot games.

The creators of Bonanza Megaways have gained recognition throughout the global online casino industry for their creativity and originality.

The game is actually part of the Megaways series of slot games, all developed by BTG. They all use similar mechanics but have different themes.

This series allows for dynamic reel setups on each spin - resulting in a different number of ways to win on each spin. This means that instead of traditional paylines, Megaways slots can have thousands or even tens of thousands of ways to win.

When it first appeared, Bonanza Megaways, with its strange music and quirky reel design, was unlike anything anyone had seen before.

It offered players innovative ways to win and the hunt for the "D" (in GOLD) became one of the first viral moments in the growing online slots arena.