The future of slot machines

The future of casino gaming is on display every year at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas. Slot and table game manufacturers unveil their machines for the industry to see, many of which are so new they haven't even made it to the casino floor yet. Industry heavyweights such as IGT, Aristocrat, Konami and Scientific Gaming share the show floor with up-and-coming slot concepts from newer players such as Gamblit, GameCo and Synergy Blue, to name a few.To get more news about 카지노사이트, you can visit official website.

4D Slots

Already dotting casino floors in Vegas, 3D slot machines give the visual impression of objects jumping out at you on the screen without the need for 3D glasses. The graphics can take some getting used to and the 3D nature is usually adjustable to increase or decrease the effects. As a general rule of thumb, if you have had more than 5 drinks it is recommended that you turn down the 3D.
4D machines are essentially slot machines with 3D images, but with an added sensory component such as a rumbling chair, the ability to "feel" floating graphics, or the sensation of energy entering your finger when you point at the screen during a bonus game.

Facial recognition could make your player card obsolete

Konami has unveiled its SYNK facial recognition software, which will allow players to collect rewards and receive targeted offers without the need for a plastic rewards card. Coming from a player who forgets his card in a machine 1.7 times per visit, this is welcome news. In essence, players will be able to register their face with the casino and collect rewards at the machines and tables in the same way that you open your mobile phone - with your face.

Prioritising comfort and convenience

We have come a long way from the days when patrons were forced to stand at the side of bandits. There is a strong profit motivation to make you comfortable and give you a great experience at the machine. Seating options are getting more and more comfortable. Check out this chair on display from Merkur Gaming, a high quality seat complete with a cup holder and a blue button to spin the reels. No need to even reach from the chair to the machine.