Once players choose to accept or reject the settlement proposal,the issue heads back before the Federal Madden 24 coins  courts in Minnesota.If enough players choose to opt out the judge may decide to reopen talks between the league and the plaintiffs,but there's no guarantee for it to happen.

There are some who believe that the judge,Paul Magnuson,will be able to decide whether or not to bring the two sides back to the table to negotiate.When Magnuson confirmed the Madden NFL 24's settlement request in April,the judge said:

"It is worth repeating:the plaintiffs who brought the suit and currently oppose the settlement walked through the courtroom under the banner of helping their poor brethren that had previously played in the N.F.L.but today were in dire straits and,often,suffering from illnesses or injuries directly to their playing days.It's a sign of disingenuousness for these same plaintiffs to complain that,just like kids who don't get dessert that the settlement"does not benefit enough the individuals who filed the lawsuit."

Participants who do not opt out of the settlement are able to file individually on behalf of the league.They could be more encouraged to do this as a result of the recent developments in the O'Bannon vs.NCAA case,too,now that former college players are filing lawsuits over their likeness appearing in video games.

In July,In July of this year,Ninth Circuit threw out an appeal brought by video game producer EA Sports.The decision dismissed the argument made by EA that player-likeness was protected under the First Amendment and it will allow the case to continue.

The Dryer plaintiffs are watching the matter closely.They're also watching a different lawsuit that was filed by thousands old Madden NFL 24 players mut 24 coins for sale  over the issue of concussions.