The two bosses we were preparing for during our pre-raid beset our patchwork WoTLK Gold and we sorted out the theory about three Drake. Both battles, you'll be suffering a lot more damage from spikes than in any other tear-related fight. Each fight on the tear has very low survival demands, with the exception of Maixner. However, that fight requires excellent defense CD management. It doesn't require you to be a pro at it. I would suggest doing Star Three Drake last so you can go into it with the best gear feasible from your tools as well. Alec goes.

The next bosses will receive an all-encompassing 30 percent HP boost and damage reduction all over the board, and the classic patchwork was bumped to be the most difficult enemy in the entire raid. Although he's not all that hard however, he's clearly at a different level from all other bosses that's in the group. When we're gearing up for a raid , he's the main boss we'll be thinking of for the next. I believe he's the only boss that if you aren't prepared for a raids will struggle an inax quick refresher in case you've lost track of what he does or haven't used him before. He'll be able to slash the tank to deal an impressive amount of damage, but the one thing that he does that is terrifying is the vile strike.

This is a massive physical damage that he'll hit the most HP target, which is the second or third melee threat approximately every second. It will be hit for 30k after mitigation on a pre-raid equipped tank. What we're after is as much HP as we can to get through this, in case you're not familiar with the effects of HP. It's HP divided by one , minus damage reduction.

It will tell us how much damage we are able to take without healing before we die. Thus, for patchwork stems and armor will be the kings of the world. We're trying to make the most of both in the best way we can. It is also recommended to pick the avoidance option over expert strike at this point, where there shouldn't be an issue during your entire week. one raid, even without an caps on expertise, you simply need to ensure you're able to complete your patchwork so that you can complete the entire raid. The one you'll need to clear is Boston following that has an item check. I would suggest taking the Bomb Wing last year WoTLK Classic Gold first week to give yourself the chance of getting drops throughout the book.