Okay, I gotta break the norm for Madden 23 coins  a little bit. I wanted this to be an all-goofy joke as it's more fun poke fun at this idiotic tattoo from Assassin's creed instead of trying to comprehend the deeply held beliefs of an Madden NFL 23 quarterback and an artist who spends all day on Twitter talking about NFTs -but the astrological stuff is so stupid I gotta simply be honest with you about this one.

Rodgers is represented by his intersection with Scorpio and Aquarius at the heart of his design. This symbolizes that of the Winter Solstice, bisected by Sagittarius which is his star sign. At this point , I am 1.000 percent convinced Rodgers had read this article from the Sonoma Gazette on the importance of the Winter Solstice to each sign and hung on every sentence of this like his life depended upon it.

"Sagittarius as your ruling star, Jupiter passes through Aquarius it is possible to relax into a space that's more comfortable that is more flexible and accepting of your individuality and independence. This is in buy mut 23 coins  line with your personal drive for independence, action and reflection, and is much more empowering than the past year's experience has permitted."