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It appears that Kings rookie Keegan Murray will be able to add his NBA 2K23 rating to give him additional fuel to perform well throughout 2022 and the following NBA season. On Tuesday, NBA 2K released the rating for the first five draft picks of the 2022 NBA Draft and the summer league MVP is tied for the third best rating among rookies.

No. 1 overall choice Paolo Banchero and No. 3 pick JabariSmith have a 78 rating while No. 2 choice Chet Holmgren has a 77. Two of them Murray along with No. five pick Jaden Ivey are tied at 76 with the former being more dominant than the other picks mentioned in the summer. Even though it's a very small sample size.

This is not the first time that Murray's talent has been misunderstood. Earlier in July, ESPN internal sources gave the Kings rookie only 11.1 percent of first-place votes to receive the award of Rookie of The Year which was followed by Banchero who scored 50 percent. That said, ratings tend to fluctuate through the season, so it's not outside the possibility of see Murray's overall rating rise to Buy 2K MT  more than 80, considering he probably will be the main key player for the Kings.