He's to his credit that Norton quickly corrected himself when he realized just how serious a blunder in mixing the two WOTLK Gold channels However, he managed to make a subtle poke into Netflix's resident Witcher toward the end of the program.

"There's the painting, and modeling side to the hobbies, then there's the gaming side of the hobby," Cavill explained to Norton. "Then you combine them in small armies to take on an army of another. It's actually enjoyable! This may sound ridiculous It's true, but it's fun."

Spider-Man actor Tom Holland was seated next to Cavill, and he requested to come to the table to play Warhammer. Cavill invited him over and the fan story for Spider-Man: Home Away From Home developed itself. In other news involving Cavill, World of Warcraft 2 is on schedule for its debut on Netflix. Cavill was injured in his hamstring during the shooting of the second season, but managed to overcome the discomfort.

Beyond the main show, Netflix recently released the animated movie World of Warcraft: Nightmare of the Wolf which was greenlit a live-action prequel series World of Warcraft: Blood Origin and announced that a sequel to the animated Witcher film as well as a brand new "kids as well as family" series set in the World of Warcraft are coming also.

In the case of Holland there's no word yet about whether the upcoming Spider-Verse film features a sequence featuring him in the DC universe sending his Orc Warboy army to smash the collection of Superman's High Elf mages, but Holland is set to appear on the big screen on 17 December in Spider-Man buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold The Last Way Home. Way Home and there's already a new trilogy of films that feature the webhead in the works.