Apart from #18 (fouls not being called on late tackles), #15 (stumble bug), and FUT 23 Coins #11 (defenders slowing down on “air balls”), not much feels like it has changed with this update. CPU defenders still rashly dive in to you, especially in player career mode where it feels as if you have a target on your back.

Most of the issues addressed in career mode with this update were to fix bugs, many of them visual. These fixes were well overdue, but the poor starting XI logic that has plagued career mode for the past two years is still prevalent. Players are still played out of position far too much with center backs as fullbacks and attackers stuck in the midfield. Sure, Pep Guardiola might be audacious enough to try these positional changes, but seeing the likes of Leeds’ Rodrigo, an out-and-out attacker, playing defensive midfielder is discouraging.

Overall, career mode is still better than FIFA‘s Master League, but before EA rolls out any new updates it would be wise to address the logic behind transfers and the starting XI.

Overall, Title Update #4 takes FIFA 23 to a better place. Improved keepers alone are worth the price of admission buy FIFA 23 Coins . Regardless, FIFA 23 is still a game that looks good from a distance but has glaring issues with the in-game AI, player movement mechanics, and career mode logic.