A simple Google search of either term brings up hundreds of websites, majority of them using one of the words in their URLs, and that provide money in RuneScape in exchange for real money. The news came out on the 13th of October OSRS Gold, that Jagex has put an end for "real-world trading". On its blog "The RuneScape Team" stated that "gold obtained through RWT real world trading can be a problem in any online game that has a traded currency."

Jagex announces that it will send "messages to those we've identified as engaging within RWT" within "the coming hours". "For anyone who was involved, we want to make clear that this is your single or only warning" said the statement.

Additionally, it was announced of the game's PvP mode, Duel Arena, would undergo major changes that include an increased enforcement of rules of the game in order to promote more positive game play. Jagex says the feature "has become a focal point for this toxic behaviour".

Prior to that the publisher's "short-term measures" will be taken "until our teams of developers are able to create a major update which completely replaces the Duel Arena next year."

Does RuneScape worth playing in 2022?

RuneScape isn't around for 20 years due to it being an average experience that nobody commits to over the long run. As an MMORPG is one of the genres that seems to be constantly on the verge of extinction considering the popularity of only a select few games.

As we approach Year 21 of RuneScape's existence remains the premier free-to-play MMORPG? Do you think it is worth the price of a premium membership? In Buy RS Gold  other words... Is RuneScape worth it in 2022 and beyond? Let's take a look...