Paladin.The Paladin is the epitome of the term "video game character". This is why many gamers may find playing Paladin to be a tedious experience, but in reality, he's the most powerful one out of all the playable Diablo 2 classes. The Paladin is able to D2R Items use various melee and magical abilities. In addition, he's also proficient in using weapons that range and spells.

The most well-known Paladin build in the end can be described as the Hammerdin. It is a powerful weapon due to the many points that are invested in the Blessed Hammer skill and the associated Vigor and Blessed Aim capabilities. In addition Holy Shield is a perk that Holy Shield perk ensures that the Paladin doesn't take too much damage while fighting large numbers of enemies at once.

Diablo 2: Resurrected - How to play with Friends

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