The Sun Rat is the part of the fifth phase of the WOW TBC Classic.
The tasks of this part of the players are mainly to open the broken sun assembly area, which contains prestige merchants and daily tasks. The content of the task is mainly to reach a specific location to kill things and collect things. As the secondary weapon progresses, players will eventually unlock the Holy Land to the Sun. The Sanctuary will release two new WoW TBC Classic Daily Quests, and players' servers will begin unlocking the Armory. During this period, players can start a portal quest from Shattrath to the island. In addition to the two daily quests, PVP vendors will also appear. They sell wow TBC classic season 1 gear for tier 4 tokens and season 2 gear for tier 5 or 6 tokens.

Blizzard includes classic gear with each set, so players can also expect WOW TBC Classic Season 3 gear to be available for tier 6 tokens. Recently, a new Wow TBC Classic was also born under the blacksmiths. Players are making progress on their servers every day, and two more daily dailies will appear, and these will be vendors selling tons of new, very powerful badge gear. By the way, if you need to buy WOW TBC Classic Gold, you can buy it on MMOWTS.

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