The first day was playing just for fun. I trained for RuneScape gold the next three days with slayer. I went from 65 to 70 atk and an atk of 25 up to 45. Also, he pointed out his GP and, in a way, he JUST CAN'T BE LIEING? C'mon, man. You could have made it through flipping. Heck, you could have purchased gold.

Dude, you're missing something in your training, overall. In 3 days, you can result in 10K slayer experience, I'm getting that in just an hour. But, at your level, I'm sorry it took me five or six minutes three hours. What are you talking about in relation to chickens? Are you using that method in your learning?

Do you have a method for us to know how you train? The majority of people don't train for GWD until they're at level CB 100. This is normally 10 man teams. 3 things: Be visible right. Torag's will not help as you'll need karils/d conceal. Would you be able to use RS Wiki just a LITTLE? (E.g. your questions on quest reqs... (and the Gear requirement ...)

Runescape continues to harass me. As in i log into lobby, then try to connect to one of the servers and guess what? I see my stats and stuff and the chat box but the rest of the screen appears white. It doesn't show anything after that. occasionally it disconnects me in the lobby . What does it mean.

I will walk through a few "standard procedure items. Based on my understanding, the issue with black screens is related to the older versions of java. Have you upgraded Java? Are you using the most recent version of your browser? In the case that updating java and your webbrowser does not fix the issue, please provide the following information so that we can offer more assistance What operating system are you using? Which web browser do you use? Have you ever had the chance to play runescape before? You can also modify the graphics before logging into the game, located in the upper right-hand corner of buy RS gold the login screen.