So far, many players have experienced the potted animal crossing game. If you haven't understood this game yet, I can provide you with some useful tips and tricks. Just start to enter the game, first choose your starting map wisely. The game is friendly to novice players.  When encountering difficult things, players can also choose Buy ACNH Bells from ACBellsBuy. When you start Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the first time, you can choose one of the four randomly generated maps as your island home. The second step is to find a suitable piece of land and arrange tents. Use all the surrounding resources, collect resources and accumulate bells.

After you live on the island for a while. Your pocket inventory will gradually be sufficient. Players need to leave enough empty slots to place new things. So players need to manage inventory properly. Outside of daily life. occasionally players will meet some guests. Simply communicate with guests, and players may receive unexpected gifts. If players have their unique ideas, they can also realize them by choosing Buy Bells Animal Crossing. After becoming stronger, players can develop planting skills. Learn the skills of planting. players can collect fruits from these new trees at any time. and plant the fruits in other places on the island. This is also a way of long-term gains.