NBA 2K22 will undergo multiple updates in terms of gameplay innovation. For defense and defensive AL, NBA 2K has made a major update to the basic defensive rotation and will completely rebuild the shooting game and blocking system. In terms of dribbling, the overall speed has been accelerated and the court has been more strictly controlled. Players will experience a unique feeling and rhythm when adjusting the size, as well as some other new combos, cancels and move chains. In addition, the post-play is upgraded. , Highlighting a lot of new content including new actions and new back basket actions. In terms of shooting, a shot meter has been added that can dynamically expand when the player uses a good shooter to make a high-quality shot, but will shrink when the player shoots with a low-level shooter or fatigue. Players will soon be able to experience these improved game content, and it is expected that NBA 2K22 will definitely bring players a new sense of gaming experience. If you need to Buy NBA 2K22 MT at that time, you can go to UTnice. With NBA 2K22 MT, it will help you play better.
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