This brings me to them What makes everyone desperate. Wohoo is a restaurant that cooks thousands of OSRS gold raw fish, which you likely do not want to wear as a cape. It's fine to have a goal however, it's better to pick something that you love and are happy with. Don't be afraid trying new things, don't rush to learn a skill, support your friends or play mini-games. It's important to be a good sport and appreciate your life. This was a chance to hear your opinions about Runescape.

The Fist of Guthix rewards are a bit disappointing, especially for melee. I mean, for the work of collecting 300 tokens, and 35 to recharge every five to six hours, berserker shield is a bit ridiculous. It has a higher defense per area than its kite counterpart, and it has a strength increase of 4. If you have a number (ex. You might be able to do one more damage per digit you have (ex. Even with the 1 additional damage, the reward is quite small considering how many times it needs recharged.

Rune gauntlets are nice, but again there's the recharge cost if you die, and cheap RuneScape gold if you take a pk (which is pretty much their only purpose in F2P) you're likely to die, which can be an inconvenience.