They need a flavor of Karamjan Rum. Head Beyond the volcano and go to the bartender in Karamja and buy one Karamjan Rum. Attempt to go indoors Tzhaar RuneScape 2007 Gold, but the rum will burst, doing a small amount of damage. Go back tot he bartender and ask him about the components in the rum. He'll mention it is going to explode when exposed to extreme heat. Ask him what would somebody to perform if they"for some reason" desired to attract the rum to the volcano.

He will say that you must"ice hockey" that the rum down, so it will not explode in warmth. Visit the icefiends on Ice Mountain, and kill you with the rum on your inventory. The rum ought to be cooled down and prepared to bring in the volcano. Bring the rum to the guard and he will let you in the inner sanctum of Tzhaar. You will locate a Magma Rock, which you ought to mine to acquire the vein.

To Acquire the Lunar Shard, visit Moonclan Island and locate the Lunar ore stone you mined from in Lunar Diplomacy. Instead of using a conventional pickaxe, you'll want to use a Rock Hammer, purchased from Slayer Masters. Use the hammer on the stone and it will smash into pieces, which will damage you for approximately 7 damage.

Select up the rest Lunar Shard. Talk to Pikkupstix and ask him about Magatrices. He'll tell you that you need one of each basic elemental rune (water, air, fire, earth), but not the conventional ones. They have to be special runes, created out of Blessed Essence. He knows about this essence Cheap RS Gold, but the teleport matrix to the Blessed Essence mines is somewhat iffy.