I'm not done with the thought wich is rather large... I will continue scanning once I'm aloud back to the computer... You may post what you wish but remember I am not done and this will grow. Ahh I forgot to mention that the soul once published will grant you with OSRS Gold a it of the gift it was best at while alive to not mention that after the spirit disperses you can bury the bones which no longer grip the soul wich can be a variate of forms based on what it had been when it was living...

The notion is that a volcano has grown in Karajama and explorers go in and die inside. You're sent from the bartender, who suspects something, on Karajama to inquire into the disappearance of those guys.

If you move inside, it seems like your normal volcano, however there are Zamorak monks. You speak to the mind one first who goes by the name of Lucifer. He informs that 3 foreigners were exploring they were murdered by Inferno Skeletons and he tells you to take the bones out because it is making the Inferno Skeletons mad and sometimes attacking the Zamorak monks. These are sinister fiends summoned by Zamorak himself. These skeletons kill anyone, but Zamorak monks. The idea of the game is to locate the bodies of the men,that are guarded by Inferno Skeletons, in an effort to complete the Bartenders request.

Veldaban: Yes, this is really where we want you. The Knight in the meeting will have a commorb on, and will attempt to show us as much as he is able, and will learn about the base. We will also learn what is going on in the meeting. Once the meeting concludes, a teleorb will be placed on one the Lords of Arposandras, and you have to then capture at least one of those Lords.

Waitwhat about the Red Axe? We must get more information about Arposandra, because we know nothing of Buy RS3 Gold their army. Once you capture them, we will deal with the Red Axe. Well. . .it's all one tall order. But I think I can manage it. Outstanding.