Storage area. Where your items are stored. The most important construction for the carriage. This has to be made first before accesories can be attached. Produced from: Any type of logs. Made by: creating 4 chief supports with a knife using the logs. Then adding several planks to the supports using hammer and nails. Requirements: At least 10 fletching for regular wood supports.

Seat. Where the participant sits. Made from: Any logs combined with wool and either cloth, silk, fur or delicate cloth. Made by: With a knife with logs to create a chair base. Then using wool using the base to create a cushioned base. Finally, adding either cloth, silk, fur or delicate fabric with the cushioned base to create the seat. Requirements: at least seven fletching for regular chair base and at least 7 crafting for cloth seat.

Horse connection. Made out of: Any metallic bar. Made by: Using metal bar with anvil to make the connection. Nailed to carriage so that the horse could be attached. Requirements: At least three smithing for bronze link. So that is all I have come up with so far. Obviously where I've put in prerequisites, Jagex would change to be appropiate to players along with the game and also, each segment will provide you exp in the ability it requires. Feel free to comment on the idea and also give any tips which may make it Also: totally fire it if u hate it.

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