Do not give corporations brownie points for doing the simplest thing. This can be corporate slacktivism, all noise no action. Donations, shouting out to sources people can use or donate to themselves, doing anything with Mut 21 coins any substance more than stating"shouts out to oppressed minorities, we will wait to market to you till you have some focus to spare?" Or, the best case situation, just imagining a delay without tying it into something entirely unrelated to these except for its impact in their reveal. It is not, till they wish to pretend delaying their marketing program is an act of solidarity. Solidarity just means they agree with their origin, and there is nothing that suggest they do not. Yes, there's, the fact that they have done nothing to benefit anybody but themselves. They just delay it without asserting that delaying an ad is "in solidarity" with current protests. Do not be a fool that thinks there's any burden whatsoever to a corporate entity"taking a side" by delaying marketing stuff. It's a completely pointless, neutral item and EA deserves no credit for it.

That's a great point, I had not believed it like this. I do you want to support the reason but what does that have to do with soccer? The Space Jam Facebook page introduced something similar. It attracts attention to the issue and retains it on the issue instead of allowing a distraction from it via their match. And then the whole response to it in in and outside the league when he had been performing which are directly associated with both the issue and football. NFL players are protesting police brutality during games for years now. Thinking about the game includes the likeness of lots of these characters it isn't surprising that EA might do this.

Because a lot of people are treating game firms like they're their good, reliable friends. I don't think I've ever seen this happening out of this gambling community. They don't see them like any other corporations whose sole objective is only to receive your cash. If you changed the name from EA into CDPR, curiously enough that the comments here will be a whole lot different. They still release trailers for these? It is Madden, who doesn't know what they're getting in this product? Same reason that Coca-Cola still spends a bunch of money on marketing, even though everyone understands what Coca-Cola is. (And naturally, it is worth noting that there's a reason that Buy Madden nfl 21 coins everyone knows what Coca-Cola is...) That's the very corporate-ese Ralph Wiggum"I am helping" bullshit I have ever seen. That is because there are far more important things going on and they will not receive the clicks and perspectives they have been relying on becoming because people's attention is elsewhere. Haha fine EA, I am sure this doesn't have anything to do with the cash you want to make off of the sport and everything related to encouraging the victims of injustice. There's a lootbox/looting joke in here somewhere.Unfortunately, the gaming community appears to be full of racist and sexist people. Reddit too, but you would not delete your accounts because some people are morons. The same way you would not burn your passport as some people in your country are brain-dead. Reddit too, but you would not delete your accounts because some people are morons. I came really close to doing exactly that. I have essentially boxed myself into a very small corner of reddit that I never leave. It's an issue that's only really widespread concerning people playing them. The games sector itself is actually incredibly innovative. Super progressive? Have we forgotten that already?