Well first of all you seem to understand some of the stuff already. Below are a few clarifications first: You dont need to learn the charm for b2p, simply use the tabs, takes less inv. For the rope, make your first trip with OSRS gold it it doesnt really matter that you lose 1 inv for it, since you're likely to be using b2p tabs.

Meaning that at your def lvl (70+) you should be tanking to make the max profit (you dont use ppot at this way, just b2p tabing). I encourage you to get the trollheim spell because you will save 5mins of walking each excursion. In case you've got 55 slayer choose the wide bolts because they hit such as jagged ones. If you cant use those, go with mith, or emerald (e). Miths are only nice tough. A bandos thing is completely useless as there are not any bandos follower where the aviansies have a tendency to be.

That is what you should get before visiting aviansies. I'd really suggest you get 70 range either should you tank or pray (this process being a waste since you've got 70def). Obtaining 70 range will allow you to have the ability to use the gods range stuff and also have a far better range attack protection and bonus against followers. I'd say its almost crucial so you get the max profit from every trip, wich Buy old school rs gold can last forever depending on the quantity of spells you bring.