You recently proposed a potential upcoming change: Eliminating PVP worlds alltogether in OSRS gold game. I currently play with a Hardcore Ironman account which I restricted to PVP worlds only (similarly to C Amp"Pvp However Hcim"), and it's undoubtedly the most fun I have ever had in Runescape. The delight of being hunted and the need to think outside the box to avoid dying is an unbelievable thing to me. How likely it is that it will actually happen? I have seen a lot of backlash from folks on r/2007scape - do you take them into account? If it does go -? How much time do I have left to play with this account?

I know you said it is for the wellbeing and longevity of PVP, but I'd personally be ruined if PVP worlds were actually removed.The info in this gazette was a proposal of what we woudl prefer to do moving forward. That doesnt mean its set in stone. We do listen to feedback, but at the exact same time that doesnt mean that we're going to undo the proposal conclusion without having a larger discussion internally with all the collected feedback aswell.Last year that I randomly got banned one evening for botting. I believe that it has to do with being logged in to Citrix (for function, not that I would play while functioning or anything;-RRB-) on precisely the same computer. My appeal was rejected with no opportunity to explain anything.

The account was newer and I don't require any settlement around that. I was fairly miffed though. I thought I would throw this out to raise awareness for this issue.Hey there! I am a relatively new RuneScape participant, I started OSRS in August of this past year. I've been recording a blind playthrough of the entire game, and it has been a blast! I really love this game, and I believe there is something special about a game which celebrates grinding, and calibrates struggles around how much care is needed to finish them. You guys do outstanding work! My least favorite part about OSRS so much has been some of the more toxic elements of this community. I really do think most of the community is pretty chill, but the squeaky wheel gets a lot of grease, particularly in r/2007scape's"new" queue.

Can you believe any surveys collapsed that might have otherwise passed because of campaigns to cheap RuneScape Mobile gold by players that are negative? You addressed this on your query"all this neighborhood is pretty chill". You have to look at it because the individuals with the issues will always shout the loudest because they view it as an issue to them at the instant in time. It occurs with anything. You do eventually get better and studying it and studying what is and isnt a issue.