It's not like Destiny 2 is just as shit as folks make it. Both and I perform frequently and they are fun. They are different games that perform. I play PSO2 because the customizations are great and the action never gets older. I perform Destiny 2 because the shooting gets old, too, PvP that's actually fun. I think they are both fun.I really don't understand why people on the internet has this need to PSO2 Meseta shit on Destiny so much. I played for thousands of hours and I believe that it's still enjoyable with.

Additionally, I played and enjoyed it for a long, long time, but their existing model is bullshit. You're addicted which is the reason why you will defend the bullshit, however no getting away from the truth that it's a mess and because Bungie broke away from Activision it's got WORSE when most people anticipated it to get much better. The'you had to be there' strategy is complete fuckery and has put me off. You can purchase more in the eververse than you can get in Phantasy Star Online 2. But as I said, you're addicted, so you will downvote me and defend it, and a year ago I was doing exactly the same, so that I dont blame you.

Oh I am pretty sure in PSO2 you can buy all of the makeup you need in the store without needing to get through the gacha bullshit, or there are cosmetics that you can make for free that is rewarding. Then, I really did say nothing regarding the monetization version. I think that the shooting is enjoyable. That is all. I really don't give a shit about my character in a first person shooter game. Can I defend the present model? Did I mention it was great? All I stated that the shooting is great. That is all. I'm just saying that Phantasy Star Online 2 is enjoyable to me. Apparently having fun with a match means I need to defend everything the company does now. For the record, I did not downvote you. I'm not that petty to downvote people like this.

I felt the same way. The only sport that gave me the beats were PSU, Dungeon Fighter Online and Diablo 2. Played PSO on Gamecube. Then I got into Phantasy Star Universe and performed that on 360 before the servers got closed down. A year later, the first Dungeon Fighter servers conducted by Nexon were shut down. I have not found a match in years that filled that emptiness. I will be on Borderlands 3 and Pokemon Shield in between time but nowadays are gont move slow till then.Upvote for BL3. The PSO2 Beta arrived in the best/worst period for me personally. I've burnt out to the Maliwan Takedown after getting everything that I want, and the Beta filled a long dormant emptiness in my lol. Now it's been ripped off (mostly) and I can not return to BL3.

That is exciting! When I begin PSO2 I'll probably go back to my old faithful male mech ranger for old times sake. My hype died over the years but it's being revived reading these remarks! I feel you, I have been excited about Phantasy Star Online 2 present generally for years but rather just found out we're getting it lol. I didn't see the announcement at E3. I have found nothing that comes close to buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta scratching that itch with.