Way way back in the Osrs gold Classic game (I have to have been around 10 at the time) some man private messaged me using the title"Runite Monitor" He said he worked for Jagex and there has been an episode where a few reports dropped Rune armor and wondered if I'd lost anything. Me (a low level with just Mith) told him of course I'd, I dropped full rune and Rune 2H. He told me I just needed to give him my accounts password log out and he'd return for me over the hour.

I only got scammed/hacked once. I started playing Runescape in October of 2005. A friend made my account and recruited me. I discovered how to merch in world 1 buying and selling runes that were complete. I told him about it and left myself a fortune of roughly 5m.

I purchased my brother along with him a full rune place each to observe the cash earning. Later that afternoon I could not login into my account. My password had been changed. I appealed and got my account. All my bank was goneliterally everything but a frog mask. I knew that it was him and that he stopped speaking later that day to me. I confronted him about it at school but he denied it. He confessed doing this. He said sorry.

I started playing around the time following Cheap Runescape gold release, but I played RuneScape Classic because my family pc was crap and could run RS2. I fell for a"doubling armor" scam. The scammer used 2 accounts to behave as a duplication"hack" and pretended to double his alt's armor. He logged and I gave the guy my password and traded my armor away. When I inquired why he did it he told me his friend bet him.