Kelvin mentioned that we are very cognisant and RS gold very sensitive to anybody who feels they have addictive natures when they're playing RuneScape, and we tackle people as proactively as we can perform. Concerning numbers, you are talking about 0.0percent of the quantity of runescape gamers and the amount of correspondence that we get. For us, it is simply not something. I recall the figure of 0.05percent of folks using the phrase"addictive" in correspondence to you, but that is hardly empirical evidence, is it? Can you reject that RuneScape is addictive?

Yesand I think that this Committee has heard evidence that some people believe games are addictive, and some people today believe games aren't addictive. We're not psychologists. We are not health specialists. We're specialists in our game, in our area, in creating a British game that we see very community-focused. It's a game that is living. It's all about creating those encounters. There are runescape players that remain with us.

It's part of an alignment so forth and that people have, whether it is to a club or a football club. People today feel that passionate about RuneScape, and we absolutely love that. When Neil then talks about runescapeplay that we provide, our designers create, it's about giving those runescape players what they are requesting in terms of their ability to continue to research their affinity with RuneScape and revel in the content within it. That's our focus and that is what we are about. I believe that is quite a venture that is benign.

You say that you're not psychologists, but you need to accept that you do have a responsibility. Mr Farrelly was talking about people running up colossal amounts of debt. You don't have a responsibility. You cannot be a bystander in this, how can you? I do not think we're. I do not believe we are bystanders in it because we do a huge amount to try to educate and supply information to our runescape participant foundation around issues of mental health. Those are not especially related to gaming. I believe that they are issues.The typical playtime is two and a half hours a day. What would you consider to be heavy use? Do you have categories of people that will play with a great deal longer? Yes. For the large majority the average is just two and a half hours. We do have individuals who play longer than that and much shorter than that as well. Runescape players will typically go through phases where they may play may play with less, depending on best buy osrs gold the type of content that they are playing. If we're speaking about quests, which are a core part of RuneScape and is very much about individual tales fantasy that runescape players may engage in--they possibly take one or two hours to complete.