I ceased and subsequently played with an adventurer all the way around level 98 Priest. This took a great deal of time and getting to 30 from degree 1 took days, maybe hours. It took me a very long time to get to 98 and Cheap MS2 Mesos, shortly after Aran came out, stopped playing almost entirely because of most of my friends leaving the match.

I came back, paradoxically, during the 10th anniversary of maplestory2 [did not understand when I launched it] and also have played for the past week getting my Priest to level 103 Bishop in addition to creating a pirate to 30 and canning him before getting an Avenger and Xenon to 30. After I ceased being overwhelmed I now want to plan out some things but the key maplestory problem is that most manuals for older content, for instance Bishops, don't exist and so I must forge forward with math and intuition.

My queries are as follows. -Just how many points as a Bishop can I get for Job. -Are there any particular conditions for SP or AP previous level 200. -How do Hyper maplestory Skills work? -Is there an AP cap in 999? -Can Mages have some gain from LUK [vs INT] outside of dumping at the cap [999]? [My Bishop includes a lot of LUK from and I am thinking of that an AP reset scroll]. -project respec, to what extent is AP/SP Reset if in any way? -How do maplestory Novels work today? -Should maxing all 4th job abilities is possible and there is extra SP, can I put them into 2nd or 3rd Jobs?

My friend Answer are follows.You get enough skill points to maximum ALL your abilities in 4th job so 255. I'm not very certain what you mean by particular conditions but other than the fact that you give up getting SP as you continue to acquire 5 AP every degree, then no, there is not. Hyper maplestory Skills are unlocked in lvl 140 plus they supply passive stat boosts, passive maplestory ability boosts (which improve various things in three of your preexisting skills like including damage or cutting down cooldowns and other objects ), and lastly, you get active attacks and fans. You get points in each category every 10 degrees.

No, there is no AP limit at 999 anymore.Yes, mages do have slight attack increase from LUK but not quite as far as INT therefore it's better that you get an AP reset scroll now that the cap is no more there.Job reset lets you select jobs only within your class. For instance, if an Arch Fire/Poison wanted to project reset, they can decide to become an Arch I/L or even a Bishop. They cannot work reset to something like a Night Lord your AP will stay the exact same but your SP will reset.

Now you can buy Mastery Books out of Illiad or in the pots shops for a very cheap 5 and 3 mil. From such novels, you can pick ANY ability you want to update (yes, that includes MW) as long as you've got the required pre-requisite SP in the Buy MapleStory2 Mesos abilities (at least 5 SP put in a skill before it is possible to update a maplestory ability to lvl 20 and at least 15 SP until you're able to update a skill all the way to 30)pleting particular dungeons and quests in the game will even award you free maplestory Novels like the Golden Temple, Silent Crusade, the Grand Athenaeum, and Lion King's Castle.No, you cannot. The SP you gain no longer"pools".