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25 Apr 2017 Copied to Clipboard. Copy Deck For. HI! this is my Secret Paladin deck what i used to climb to rank 4. 10 Upvotes : Mulligan. 20 Upvotes : Guide. 50 Upvotes : Video. Sorry, meanwhile i tested Enrage Warrior. Promotional Content. Comments (2); Similar Decks
Your main goal is to set up a board so you can get the most value out of your secrets and have a push for lethal. This deck has some insane burst potential and it can also slowly bring your opponent lower as it has a lot of aggro cards. You could play the super-fast version or you can also add in win conditions like Dr. Boom
10 Aug 2017 Secret Paladin can be played in a range of styles that take full advantage of Mysterious Challenger's power. The most common types used are Aggro decks and Midrange decks. Aggro decks aim to dominate the early-game and eventually curve into Mysterious Challenger to deal the finishing blow.
20 Sep 2015
11 Oct 2016 SpaceMonkey's Secret Paladin Deck List Guide (August 2016, Season 29) · Jambre's Egg Secret Paladin – Hearthstone EU Summer Prelims 2016 · StrifeCro's Secret Buff Paladin This isn't “Secret Paladin” deck; this is a “Divine Aggro Paladin” with 2-3 secrets and the Challengers. I'm a fanatic Paladin
Hello my name is Jackker and I've always been a fan of the more aggressive approach towards Secret Paladin. I've been consistently top In this guide I will go over the general game plan of the deck, the matchups, mulligans and card choices. If you want to see this in slower matchups (You need a 1-drop versus aggro).
22 Jul 2017 Our Wild Secret Paladin guide features the best deck list for the current meta, with Mulligan advice, strategy tips, card combos and synergies.
Strategy: Obviously you mulligan for midrange druid since its far more popular, but you adjust once you see the trademark Aggro Druid cards (such as Leper Gnome, Druid of the Saber, Knife Juggler)Aggro Druid is considerably less popular on ladder, but you are slightly unfavored. You still
10 Aug 2017 This guide outlines how to play an Aggro build of the explosive Paladin Secret deck. Although Paladin Secrets are weak individually, the potential to play 4 of them for free with Mysterious Challenger is too powerful to overlook. This deck plays an aggressive curve of minions, and relies on tools like
1 Apr 2016 Secret Paladin is the deck list that is currently terrorizing the meta after the recent release of The Grand Tournament. The deck is made possible by a single new card: Mysterious Challenger. The card has become known as “Dr. 6” because of its similar impact on the game as Dr. Boom (Dr. 7). The deck can