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Read our tips and find the full installation instructions to guide you. Suntuf Profiled Apron Flashing Corrugated Apron Flashing Installation Suntuf Greca Apron Flashing Suntuf Polycarbonate installation .. Keeping in mind the beams and purlins are hollow, how would you advise attaching panels to the aluminum? Reply.
25 May 2012 Determine the pitch for the new roof, and then lay out the rafters. Attach the purlins across the tops of the rafters. Install blocking between the purlins on both of the outside rafters to support the Suntuf vertical closure strips. Starting at one end, attach the horizontal closure strips to support first panel.
This video gives a basic overview for the handling and installation of Suntuf® and Palram's other corrugated DIY products.
SUNTUF®. Corrugated Polycarbonate Panels. Installation Guide 2. Sawing, Cutting and Drilling. 2. Panel Dimensions. 3. Suntuf Accessories. 3. Safety Measures. 3. Design Considerations and Installation Notes. 3. Fasteners. 4 Suntuf panels can be cut or sawed by manual or power tools.
28 Aug 2014

Work out amount of Suntuf Polycarbonate Sheets required (width of the roof divide by 760mm cover). Cut lengths to suit if applicable with tin snips, circular blade saw (using Irwin's Marathon PVC blade) or garden scissors. To avoid creaking sounds from your roof, apply Suntuf Noise Reduction Tape onto purlins.
on the Suntuf panel, allowing for limited thermal expansion. Recommended washer / gasket compatibility with polycarbonate is assured by Palram Americas. Installation Applications. Suntuf polycarbonate panels are used in a variety of applications. Following are instructions for the most common uses of Suntuf panels.
9 May 2014
When designing a new roof, it is strongly recommended that the slope be above 10% (5.7 ?). The recommended maximum panel length is 7.2m. The recommended maximum distance between the edge of the structure and the first purlin is 1000mm or the value dictated by the design engineer.