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12 Feb 2016
Plot: Jeremy, Landon, Rachel and Jax are young geniuses who have never actually done anything with there lives, that is until Jeremy has a working theory for a time machine. But what no one knows is that time can only travel backwards, and soon Jeremy, Jax, Landon and Rachel find themselves not only
A: Upon start-up of a new file of Undertale, or upon doing a Reset or True Reset, the "fun" value in your Undertale save folder. Just a couple of notes, I'm currently in v1.0, I've encountered the Gaster follower every time I've entered that room, despite the fact that apparently, it has a 20% chance, and Goner
aster is what i hc gaster's last name as, inspired by a theory from someone whom i unfortunately cannot credit from the New Time Traveler's Guide to Undertale google doc (it's mass edited and most additions are anonymous). basically, they suggested that gaster might not be w.d. gaster's actual last name due to 'aster'
Start -> %localappdata% \ UNDERTALE. Open undertale.ini and file0 with notepad(or equivalent. notepad++ might be more useful because line numbers). The file might be confusing at first considering it's just your chosen name and 548 numbers, so use the Time Traveller's Guide to Undertale to figure out
13 Dec 2015 11: $$$ amount 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, and 27 are inventory slots. certain numbers 1-64 give you certain items. 29: Weapon equipped 30: Armor Equipped 36: Fun value (look it up. this is what they mean when you have to change it) 548: Room saved in (second to last line) 549: Time Played (last line).
20 Sep 2015 It has already been used several times. 10HP. Starting Item/Free. None. Must be unequipped before it can be used. One of a kind. Monster Candy. Has a distinct, non-licorice flavor. 10HP. Ruins-Candy Bowl/Free. None. A maximum of 4 can be picked up. Spider Donut. A donut made with Spider Cider in
18 Jul 2016 Inside the local folder you will find a folder that says UNDERTALE that has files with names such as File0, File9, and Undertale.ini. Undertale.ini is just a file used for the info on the title screen and reads how many times you have met a person in current and previous saves to enable deja vu dialogue but is
Welcome, intrepid temporal explorers, to the world's first and only field manual/survival guide to time travel! DON'T LEAVE THIS TIME PERIOD WITHOUT IT!Humans f.
A save editor for Undertale.