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Home »; Guides »; Velik's Hold. Velik's Hold. Venture into the secret realm below Teleportal on Velik's Steps. Min. required item level 417, Min. required item
30 Apr 2017 This dungeon relates to the main storyline as it connects to the other dungeon, Velik's Sanctuary. I would highly recommend mastering
12 May 2017
6 Jun 2017 You will meet Velik's High Priestess, telling you that Goddess Velik is in . I am writing this guide based on how I tell the difference, but I will
29 Jul 2012
23 May 2017
I'm too lazy to make guides but if anyone would like to see an specific class/dungeon PoV with some explanations let me know, currently doing
Welcome to my Velik's Sanctuary guide. The information on my guide are based of my observation when this dungeon was released on the Korean server.
Introduction I strongly advise running the dungeon without reading this guide first. with the return of Bathysmal Rise, updated for the new Velik's Fate patch!
Overview. Velik's Sanctuary is intended for a party of five level 65 characters, but you might want to try it with fewer characters. Just be sure to include a good