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7 Dec 2011 Design style guides and code standards documents have been a successful way of ensuring brand and code consistency, but in between the code and Front-end style guides may have comments written in the code, annotations that appear on the page, or they may list components alongside their code,
Style-guides and real front-end specifications are another promising step on the road towards higher level professional working practices for the front-end discipline. What makes it great is that the development of greater standards, more knowledge of writing reusable code and brilliant resources like GitHub we can share
24 Mar 2015 Living Style Guides are here to help us transform our Front-end codebase into well-described pattern libraries with minimal efforts. . It is currently the best way to develop truly Living style guides, that are constantly in sync with the real codebase, thus providing more flexibility than CSS documentation
8 Apr 2014 In jobs since, I've seen firsthand how style guides save development time, make communication regarding your front end smoother, and keep both . When not writing code, Susan can be found writing about a wide variety of topics on her own site, as well as contributing to A List Apart and The Pastry Box.
7 Mar 2014 IN BIG WEB SHOW № 113, developer Anna Debenham and I discuss Adventure Time, Code For America, starting a web career at age 14, checking websites in game console browsers, producing 24 Ways, and the delights of Spotted Dick and Victoria Sponge. Anna is the author of Front-end Style Guides
24 Mar 2014 Also called 'style manuals', 'house style guidelines', 'design standards' and other similar names, they have been used by designers, writers and technical Style guides really started attracted interest after Anna Debenham's article in 2011 for 24 Ways, which is a nice introduction for frontend designers and
A collaborative collection of resources for creating Front-End Style Guides and Pattern Libraries.
12 Apr 2015 In most instances the word Style Guide conjures thoughts of a document outlining specs on things such as logo spacing, colors, and typography – all defined 23#styleguidesFTW o Evolution of Style Guides o What is a Front-End Style Guide o What are the benefits of a Front-End Style Guide o How to
27 Mar 2016 The UX Benefits of a Front-End Style Guide. The purpose of a style guide is to collect all product-interface elements in a modular library. It benefits the UX team in two ways: (1) prototyping ideas and implementing new designs becomes more efficient, and (2) a consistent visual design can be easily
26 Oct 2017 Download >> Download 24 ways front end style guides in writingRead Online >> Read Online 24 ways front end style guides in writing web style guide examples responsive style guide styleguides io website typography style guide style guide boilerplate style guide best practices ui style guide template